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Dagger Magic by Katherine Kurtz and Deborah Turner Harris

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Sir Adam Sinclair is the Adept. He is the leader of a secret brotherhood who is at war with dark powers that threaten to overwhelm mankind. He is a champion of the Light who has lived many lives (through reincarnation) and always seeks to root out evil and destroy it.

The Phurba (the Dagger Cult), an evil cult tracing it origins back through the centuries to ancient Asia, was instrumental in elevating Adolf Hitler to his position of prominence. Working in secret since the end of World War II, the cult has finally discovered the existence of a cache of sacred texts of the black arts that can thrust them towards the heights of power. In a sea cave on the Irish coast, the rusting hulk of a Nazi submarine contains the secrets that could spell the downfall of the human race. It is up to Sinclair and his followers to prevent the rise of a new, demonic Third Reich.

This is the fourth book in the Adept series. I have not yet read the other books in the series, but I had heard that the series was well written and interesting. Unfortunately, this book is a bit on the weak side.

The book jacket grabbed me since I always like stories revolving around the rebirth of the Third Reich. The prologue is gripping and promises fast-paced action to come. The story is actually exciting and well paced once the authors get to it! Unfortunately, they waste the first two-thirds of the book with a completely irrelevant sub-plot concerning a person who they may (or may not) recruit into their group. Kurtz and Harris seem to have forgotten a basic premise of writing each chapter in a novel should advance the plot.

Once they get past the pointless drivel, the action proceeds at an acceptable pace. The characters, although a bit shallowly defined, seem believable enough. However, I sense that I have missed quite a bit of character development from the previous novels in the series. Therefore, I would suggest not starting with book 4 as I have done. There is plenty of room at the end of this book for a sequel, so its not surprise that a fifth book in the series was written. Despite some flaws, I still found the book engaging enough to merit rustling up the first book in the series (The Adept) so I can determine if the earlier books are better written.

Reviewed by Alan

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