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We are always grateful when we receive books to review directly from publishers or authors.  Before zooming to the bottom of the page to find our mailing address, please read the following guidelines for submission.  These questions and answers are designed to save us all some time and effort and to help ensure that it is appropriate to submit your book to us for review.

What genres do you review?

Our reviews are limited to the science fiction, fantasy and alternative history genres (speculative fiction).

Does my book have to be currently published?

We want our readers to be able to obtain the books that we review.  Therefore, we prefer them to be readily available when we review them.  However, we recognize that a certain amount of advance publicity is necessary to generate interest in a book.  Therefore, we will review books that are within 90 days of being published.  We will not review unpublished manuscripts that are currently being shopped around or out of print books.

We also prefer that a book be readily available to the general public.  Since we are an affiliate, we are gratified when the book is available on  However, as long as the book can be obtained by relatively simple means (book stores, large retail web site, mail order, small press web site), it is acceptable to us.

Does my book have to be published by a large press to get reviewed?

Absolutely not.  We avidly support small presses.  We recognize that not every good book is going to get published by a large press.

How do you feel about "vanity" presses?

To be quite honest...we're not enamored with them.  We feel books that an author has to pay to have published probably aren't up to the quality standards that we prefer to recommend to our readers.  But, we're not always correct, so feel free to try and prove us wrong!

My book is electronically published online and may be purchased by downloading it from the web site where it is published.  Will you review it?

We will accept it for review, however, we must find it to be of exceptional quality in order to publish a review of it.  We are not technophobes.  Our reviewers work with advanced computer technology everyday.  However, some people consider us old-fashioned because we prefer to hold a book in our hands, not read it on our computer screen.  If your book is available as an online download and in a printed, your best chance of getting us to review it is to send us a printed copy!  We give priority to printed books.

What if you dislike my book?  Will you publish a negative review?

Generally, we can always find positive aspects about any book.  We try to be objective with our reviews.  If there are weaknesses in the book, we will point them out after pointing out the novel's positive qualities.  But to be fair to our readers, we will not write a positive review of a weak book just because it was sent to us for free.  So although we don't publish totally negative reviews, our reviews will contain honest criticism.

Sometimes, our reviewers will lose interest in a book near the beginning.  This is a normal occurrence since not all books appeal to every reader.  In this case, the book is passed to a second reviewer to see if they might enjoy it.  However, if the second reviewer loses interest in it, then the book will not be reviewed.  We do not review books that we have not read all the way through.

I have a small promotional budget and providing review copies can be expensive.  How can I ensure that you will be interested in reviewing my book before I send you a copy?

Many authors and publishers have web sites that contain descriptions of their books and excerpts from them.  Most authors have electronic copies of their manuscripts since they use word processors.  If you would like, send an e-mail to that:

Describes your book
Points us to a web page that tells us about your book or contains excerpts from your book
Has an excerpt of your book attached (Microsoft Word preferred) or embedded in the body of the e-mail.  Please avoid sending the entire manuscript since that will just clog up our mailbox.

We will review what you send and let you know if we are interested in receiving a review copy of your book.

Will you return my submission to me?

No.  We don't have the budget or the time to spend on returning materials to authors or publishers.  Review copies of your book are just one of the many promotional expenses related to your work.  Don't forget, promotional expenses are a deductible expense for tax purposes.

How long does it take before a review is posted on your web site?

We give priority to books that are submitted to us for review.  Generally, you can expect the review to be posted to our site within 14 days of our receiving the book.

Ok, I'm ready to mail you a review copy of my book.  What is your snail-mail address?

Please send review copies to:
P.O. Box 5116
Springfield, PA  19064-5116

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