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Bored of the Rings by Henry N. Beard & Douglas C. Kenney

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Lord of the Rings is, in my humble opinion, the greatest group of fantasy novels ever written. J.R.R. Tolkien is a masterful storyteller. I canít imagine his work being surpassed. I figured I needed to say this first to stem the tide of e-mail from Lord of the Rings fanatics who will claim that Bored of the Rings is blasphemy.

Bored of the Rings is the funniest parody Iíve ever read. I first read it when I was about 15, shortly after I had read LOR. It is low-brow, toilet humor at its finest. The new names for the characters are wonderful (Bilbo=Dildo, Frodo=Frito, Sam=Spam, Gandalf=Goodgulf, Orcs=Narcs, etc.). The book was written in 1969 and some of the humor is dated (some young people might not remember that Goodgulf was a grade of Gulf gasoline for example). However, I still split my sides every time I read this book. The scenes where Frito and his companions meet up with the hippie, Tim Benzedrine are legendary in their own right. Even the poems and songs from the original books are fair game for these two marksmen.

My wife also found this book to be hilarious. We often quote our favorite passage to each other (my wife graduated from Villanova). The scene is a parody of the company from LOR meeting up with the Balrog. It goes like this:

As Goodgulf stepped onto the bridge the passage echoed with an ominous dribble, dribble, and a great crowd of narcs burst forth.  In their midst was a towering dark shadow too terrible to describe.  In its hand it held a huge black globe and on its chest was written in cruel runes, "Villanova."  "Aiyee," shouted Legolam.  "A ballhog!"

There are 160 more pages like this for your reading pleasure. Thank goodness this book is in print again. Buy a copy and laugh until you cry!

Reviewed by: Alan

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