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Below are short biographies of our current reviewers (in alphabetical order).  Our reviewers love to get e-mail.  So please feel free to send them feedback, comments or questions on their reviews.

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Alan is a 41 year old, married (no children but two adorable cats!) IT teacher who has been reading science fiction and fantasy books since he was 10 years old.  Originally, he read exclusively hard core science fiction but over the last 10 years he has developed a real passion for fantasy books.  His favorite authors are Terry Brooks, Robert Heinlein and Steven R. Donaldson.

When he's not reading, Alan enjoys long distance bicycling and antique collecting.

E-mail: alan@futurefiction.com.



Diane is a single mom with two almost-adult-aged kids, one dog, two cats, plus the occasional odd snake. With a menagerie like that, is it any wonder she takes refuge in a good sci-fi or fantasy book every chance she gets? Favorite authors include Robert Heinlein, J.R.R. Tolkien, Anne McCaffrey, and Andre Norton. She’s not crazy about "high tech" science fiction and doesn’t much care how the rocket ship gets off the ground. But, give her a well-crafted book that emphasizes characters and relationships, one that creates a world you’d love to visit, and she’s happy!

When Diane’s not reading or online (another favorite activity), she likes to spend her time gardening, horseback riding, dancing and relaxing with good friends.

E-mail: diane@futurefiction.com.



"Digger" is a "thirty-something" financial consultant from the UK.  She recently completed a "grand adventure" - a trip around the world!  She has been reading science fiction and fantasy books for over 20 years.  Her other hobbies include recreational trekking and diving.

E-mail: digger@futurefiction.com.


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