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Below are science fiction, fantasy, book, commercial and publishing related links that we think you will find useful or enjoyable.  To suggest a page that we might find interesting, click here to go to our Submit A Link page.

 If you are creating a link to our page, we appreciate it.  Please e-mail us, as a courtesy, and make us aware that you have created a link to our page.  We might want to create a reciprocal link to your page!

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Books and Other Sci-Fi Merchandise

Out of Print Books 


Sci-Fi and Fantasy Resources 

Money Making Opportunities 

Other Cool Sites 

Books and Other Sci-Fi Merchandise - The web's largest book retailer. - An eBay subsidiary, this site allows individuals or companies to sell books, movies, music and cartridge games at substantial discounts.

Out of Print Books

Advanced Book Exchange - 5,000 used book sellers have 14 million books listed for sale on this searchable web site.  Search by area and find a book store near you!

Alibris - Bills itself as "The Ultimate Source for Used, Rare and Hard-to-Find Books."

Bibliofind - Thousands of book sellers around the globe listing 10 million used and rare books, periodicals and ephemera for sale.

eBay - In our opinion, this is the best auction site on the worldwide web.  We have bought used books here at very reasonable prices. - Recently purchased by eBay, this site allows individuals or companies to sell used books, movies, music and games.  Many used book shops post their inventory on this site.


Ace Books - One of the oldest imprints in science fiction and fantasy.  Now owned by Penguin Putnam Inc.

Avon EOS - Avon Books science fiction and fantasy division.

Baen Books - Publisher for many major authors (David Drake, Mercedes Lackey, Lois McMaster Bujold, et al).

Circlet Press - A small press that publishes erotic science fiction and fantasy as well as other erotic works.  The book titles are either exciting or scary depending upon your proclivities.

DAW Books - Privately owned publishing company that specializes in science fiction and fantasy.  Many popular authors were first published by DAW (Tad Williams, C. J. Cherryh, Mercedes Lackey).

Del Rey Books - Contains sample chapters from current books as well as a very useful list of author web sites.

Domhan Books - A small press that specializes primarily in fiction.  Publishes in both printed and electronic formats.

Harper Prism - Harper Collins imprint for science fiction and fantasy.  Includes such well know authors as Anne McCaffrey, Margaret Weis and Robert Silverberg.

Highbridge Press - A small press started by two sisters who are former literary agents.  Extremely professional, polite, friendly communications. - Time Warner books online publishing subsidiary.  The site contains lots of excerpts to read as well as forums to connect with other readers and authors.  And click here to enter their monthly contest.

NESFA Press - A small press dedicated to republishing classic out of print science fiction.

Random House - Large publisher who has bought up many smaller publishing companies (including Del Rey).

Roc - Another imprint of Penguin Putnam Inc.

SterlingHouse Publisher Inc. - A small press located in Pittsburgh, PA.  Formerly exclusively a poetry publisher, they now publish fiction, nonfiction, young-adult and new-age books.

Tachyon Publications - A small, San Francisco-based publisher of lesser known authors.

Tor Publishing - Publisher for many major authors (Robert Jordan, Orson Scott Card, et al).  This page contains good author links and sample chapters from forthcoming books.

Warner Aspect - Time Warner's book division web site.

Write Way Publishing - A small press that publishes science fiction, fantasy, horror and mysteries.

Sci-Fi and Fantasy Resources

Art By: Avery - A site featuring the art of a very talented sci-fi and fantasy artist.  Check out the gallery for some really cool images.

AwardWeb - Site that contains lists of literary award winners.  They specialize in science fiction awards but cover other genres as well.

The Gap Chasm - A growing book review site that features primarily Piers Anthony, Terry Pratchett and Robert Jordon.

Science Fiction and Fantasy World - A review site where readers can post their own reviews.  Also contains news, author interviews and upcoming release dates.

Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, Inc. - Founded in 1965, the SFWA is an organization comprised of and dedicated to speculative fiction writers.  Their web page is a useful resource for current and aspiring writers.  The "Writer Beware!" section of the page contains valuable information to help fledgling writers avoid being ripped off by unscrupulous editors, publishers and agents.

Science Fiction Resource Guide - Contains a myriad of links to useful sites.

SFF Net - A forum that fosters discussion about the Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Military and Romance genres.  They host many additional web sites related to these genres.

Money Making Opportunities - Here's an easy way to send money (from your bank account or credit card) to anyone else with a free account.  This is now a major form of payment for online auctions since it is easy, secure and free.  Give it a try and they'll give you $5 free!  Click on the logo to below to go to the site.

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Other Cool Sites

Blacklight Records - Site for an industrial/gothic record label.  This site has a very hip look! - The Internet Shopping directory.  Allows you to easily find e-merchants and compare prices.

Link Master - Search engine that also offers free e-mail and search links to their site which you may post on your web page.

Nerd World - Yet another of the growing population of search engines.  Has a catchy title!


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